Beginnings, Challenges, and Success. Ylli Limani Shares His Story

“Renowned for his love-themed ballads, singer Ylli Limani chooses to share a different narrative with the public. In an interview given to journalist Berat Buzhala, the artist narrates the story of his success. Labeled as the ‘Ylli of Pristina,’ the singer reveals that music was what made him special even from a young age.

“My way of standing out from other children was through music; I escaped and sang. Honestly, I always felt more unique than all the other kids. I remember a few recordings where I was little and I would come out and sing without shame. There were times when we didn’t have electricity, and they would turn to me: ‘Come out, Ylli, sing for the guests.'”

“I have a sister and a brother; they are much better than me. They are wise, and I don’t know how it happened, but I am somewhat different. I behaved as if I were an only child (spoiled).”

Ylli also delves into his relationship with his family, highlighting that he maintains the closest bonds with his father, who even wrote a song titled “Feelings” for him.

“My relationship with my father is very good; he wrote a song for me. I haven’t released it because he doesn’t like how I sing it. He prefers that I sing with lower notes. The song is called ‘Feelings,’ and some lines are:

Do you know that feeling when your soul hurts?
Do you know that feeling when words hurt you?
Do you understand that moment when you’re left without luck?
Do you understand one day when you wake up in vain…

But my father now thinks it’s time for me to distance myself from music. He tells me a few times, ‘You have a mind, complete your master’s or doctorate degree.'”

Although Ylli always knows how to convey positive energy, he describes the most challenging period he went through, referring to the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ylli expresses, “My life was divided before and after the pandemic. I ‘died’ during the pandemic and was reborn afterward. It was a period of shattered dreams, sitting at the table, and wondering who I am now that I don’t sing, I don’t have projects, earnings, recordings…”

Taking advantage of the interview space, Ylli also delivers messages. When speaking about his success and the significant monetary gains it brought, he reveals that he never feels fulfilled by money, and social media posts are just a temporary shimmer.

“I was fortunate to have wealth from a young age. But that doesn’t mean I feel fulfilled because no matter how much money you have, you won’t always be the happiest; something will always be missing. People have a very negative perception of wealthy individuals because they judge with terms like: ‘You’re involved in this, are you sure you have nothing shady going on?’ But this is wrong, very wrong, because some people have fought to get there. As for wealth, I’m the first in my family; I’m also a businessman, but I haven’t invested in anything yet, like land or stocks, because I lack experience in business, and I don’t have family members to guide me.” – Ylli states.

Asked about what frustrates him the most in our society, the artist expresses:

“Complaints. In our mentality, I don’t like how everyone complains about everything. I think this is related to the history of the state of Kosovo. People had the right to express themselves differently back then because we had an oppressor ruling over us. But now, you have freedom to chase your dreams and work hard, yet there are those who only complain and justify, spreading that attitude to even the younger generations. I said to myself, I didn’t have the opportunities to be where I am; I didn’t have a businessman father, and nothing was ready for me. The only financial help my parents gave me was 700€ for producing my first song, ‘Above the Stars.'”

Ylli also stops to discuss a personal experience that deeply affected him and his family – the loss of their cat named ‘Loki.’ As an animal lover, Ylli reveals he was deeply saddened by this event, and he even humorously mentions that society and media labeled his loss as “funny.”

Ylli is known in the Albanian music scene as the ballad artist, with some of the most beautiful songs of recent years credited to him. But when asked if these lyrics stem from personal heartbreak, the singer responds, “Yes, I’ve been hurt, but not to the extent of my songs, because I also add my ‘artistic touch.'”

“Or, there are also stories from my society that I ‘borrow’ emotions from for my lyrics. Now I’m not suffering, I’m fine.”

During the interview, Ylli reveals that his biggest flaw is his self-dialogue.

“The way I talk to myself is terrifying; the reproaches, the criticisms. I also have a strong temper. I never forget something that someone does to me. I try to be tolerant, but it’s difficult for me.”

“Are you religious?”

“Yes, I am. I believe in God. I’m not very religious, but I believe in the existence of a higher power.”

This year was the first time Ylli observed fasting throughout the entire month of Ramadan.

The artist concludes his interview by speaking about his relationship with the Albanian public and Albania itself. He expresses his desire to frequently move to Tirana, praising the Albanian state for its cultural activities.

“I wish Kosovo would also organize such events because we have all the necessary capacities. We Kosovo artists are more engaged with concerts in Albania than in our own country.” – the artist states.”