Kuwait and Lebanon ban the movie ‘Barbie’: Promotes homosexuality

Lebanon has banned the screening of the movie “Barbie” in cinemas, effective Wednesday, as it “promotes homosexuality” and clashes with religious values.

Minister of Culture Mohammad Mortada stated that the film “promotes homosexuality and sexual transformation” and “opposes the values of faith and morality” by undermining the importance of the family unit. Furthermore, he mentioned that “Barbie” mocked the role of the mother and cast doubt on the necessity of marriage.

Following Mortada’s move, Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi, in turn, requested the General Security’s censorship committee to review the film and provide its recommendation. The General Security falls under the Ministry of Interior and is traditionally responsible for censorship decisions.

Kuwait followed Lebanon’s steps later in the day, stating that it had banned both “Barbie” and the supernatural horror film “Talk to Me” to safeguard “public ethics and social traditions.” Lafi al-Subaiei, the head of Kuwait’s film classification board, explained that the board typically requires scenes in movies that are considered to violate the country’s culture to be cut. However, when they promote behaviors that the state deems unacceptable, they are banned outright.