“Go and pay for these fools,” Rama reveals what he told Meloni about the tourists who fled from the restaurant: Everyone burst into laughter.”

“The images of a group of Italian tourists who left without paying after having dinner at one of the restaurants in Berat have gone viral on the internet. This news was also shared with the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during her visit to Vlorë, where she stayed for a few days.

It was Prime Minister Edi Rama who, in an interview with La Stampa, revealed that when he told Meloni, everyone laughed.

After learning the details from the Albanian prime minister himself, Meloni instructed the Italian ambassador Fabrizio Bucci to settle the bill for the 4 Italian tourists.

“In the Albanian media and on TikTok, there was talk about an Italian group that escaped from a restaurant in Berat without paying. The owner dismissed it. When I told Giorgia, everyone laughed.

She ordered the ambassador: ‘Go and pay the bill for these fools, please, and make a statement! Italy cannot lose respect like this’.”