The man was caught cheating by his wife, and the mistress in lingerie escaped on a motorcycle.

Betrayal triggers different reactions in males and females and is often accompanied by scenes reminiscent of movies in a public setting, as recently in Bogota.

The incident in question, which is also seen in a widely circulated video on social media, was recorded in Colombia and has generated numerous comments.

In the footage, a girl is seen knocking on the door of a house and calling for her husband. A few moments later, a guy dressed with a towel around his waist appears, who apparently is the girl’s husband.

The girl catches her husband with his mistress, and the scene is accompanied by chaos as the husband doesn’t let the wife inside. The incident is observed with curiosity by neighbors who also filmed the scene.

Amidst the quarrel between the husband and wife, a motorcyclist parks in front of the house, and then the mistress in lingerie emerges from the apartment door, gets on the motorcycle, and quickly speeds away from the scene.

In the footage, the mistress in lingerie is seen smiling, while the infuriated wife attempts to strike her with an object, but doesn’t succeed.